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James Parker picture

James Parker

Interested in: Women Hometown Neighborhood: Bryantville Park 6 Siblings Looking for: Friendship and networking Political views: Varied in many areas but would love to share my thoughts with an open minded lady Religious views: I?m a born again faithful believer in God?s law of redemption??Be holy for I am holy? ? I Peter 1:16 People who inspire: Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, John F. Kennedy, Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Jim Brown, Darrell Green Personal Info: I am a man of strong faith, a sense of self, and a continued desire of development/self improvement. I have made mistakes in life, however I am a stronger person in the lessons they?ve taught me. I carry no grudges, and I believe that forgiveness is the strongest attribute anyone can have. I believe a man must work to look in the mirror to see the essence of who/what he is. Companionship is something I will never take for granted, as a true, loyal friend is a cherished commodity. Truth, honestly, and trust-worthiness are traits I carry that I also seek in a friend. More of this conversation as we become better acquainted, as I have much to say. Activities: I love the outdoors mostly springs and autumns due to the weathers they bring. I love a good challenging game of chess, basketball, softball, and card playing, TV viewing, normal things that most people enjoy. Favorite music: Old school classics; Mage, Temps, Manhattans Favorite TV show: ?24?, Alcatraz, old classics; Fresh Prince, Andy Griffith, Beverly Hillbillies, Sanford and Son, America?s Most Wanted Favorite movies: Cool Hand Luke, Harlem Nights, LIFE, Dirty Harry, Hard Times, Ali, Crucifixion of Christ Favorite book: The Holy Bible, Webster?s Dictionary, Because the Hate, Woe, Woe, Woe, Then Armageddon Favorite Quotes: ?If a man doesn?t find something worth dying for, then what was the use in his living?? ?None are more blind than those who connect see? ?Dying?s not much of a living? Sports I play: Foot/running, softball, basketball, biking, martial arts Favorite teams: Washing Redskins, Washington Wigards, G?Town Hoyas, NC Central Aggies Favorite athletes: Ali, Darrell Green, RG III, Michael Gardam, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Magie Johnson, Art Monk, Joe Fraizer, Mik Bick, Koby Bryant Education: H.S. Graduate 1971 Murfress High

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My Information

Birth date: 1953-05-15
Gender: male
Race: African-American
Height: 5 ft 9 in
Weight: 200 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Salt & Pepper
Expected Release Date: 0000
Are you on Death Row? No