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Warren   	Myron Mines picture

Warren Myron Mines

Put your world in my hands for a moment and come enjoy some extracurricular activities with me. I want you to know how glad that I am to be fortunate enough to have the opportunity and a moment of your time, to bring the following words to you with so much sincere to which will lead you I into taking the next step to which could be an lovely adventure for your mind, body and soul. So let me push the pen to shed some light on who I am, as you take My name "Warren Gee" and let it float though your mouth you will come to understand that I am a man at 45 yrs old 5 ft 7 and in great physical shape and I believe in taking life very serious each and every day to why that's who I complete myself as when I step as Men, and it help's to have Church playing a major role to in my life, but I like all type of music because of me once about at time being a Disc jockey in Chicago. Now I ride motorcycles and I love taking long walks on the lake front under the moon light having a deep conversation and the topic being about life within it self because if give each of us the chance to analyze one another's minds. What catches my attention in a woman, Well, I love everything about the being of a woman and I think there's something special in every woman's mind to that's why my attention grows strong when it comes to the challenge of a woman's sophisticated mind and the way she brings herself out of her shell to where her motivation and her self-preservation make's her complete in any man's mind. She can't be scared to have a real man as an option in her life because when it comes to companionship, every man and woman crave for it so if you are interested in the attempt of getting what you want out of life then open your mind to the possibilities we could evolve some type of a respond to this situation real soon, so should I be denied this privilege??? So I drop the Pen.

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My Information

Birth date: 1962-02-20
Gender: Male
Race: African American
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 211 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Bald
Expected Release Date: 2010
Are you on Death Row? No