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 	Pelican Bay State Prison
 	Cell picture

Pelican Bay State Prison Cell

Hello ladies, Yes, it's been many moons since I've put myself out there and things sure have changed a lot since then. So bare with me, if I grind the gears a few times. And though I've been hanging in this stuffy old closet for a spell now, I haven't forgotten how to mix it up with folks! So ease on back into the leather seats as I fire up the Chevy and let's enjoy the ride! Let me say, that family and friends are the corner stones of my foundation. Some of my fondest memories were with my wife... and though she unfortunately she passed away in 1993, she'll always hold a special place in my heart! I remember when she first taught me how to ride a horse... I was in the Marines and she took me riding in the hills outside of Camp Pendleton. Let's just say, that the biggest lesson I learned that day was humility ( though it seemed to give her joy to no end). But, it allowed me to see her spirit soar! So, from that day on, every opportunity I could I'd go riding with her.... in the hills, along the beach, or where ever she decided to go! Ok, let me come back to the present. I basically just wanted to show you that I take notice of the small things that matter, and try to make every one of these moments exceptional! I'm sociable, good natured, open, honest, sincere and kind with a keen wit and a sense of humor. I'm well educated, and am preparing to graduate from college. I'm certified in Business and have done well in my Entrepreneurial endeavors It's not practical for me to say what I'm looking for, as I put no parameters on the scope of my interests, likes, hopes, and desires. I'm constantly looking to expand my perspectives and spheres of understanding. So share your unique interests and experiences with me and let's see what may gleaned and/or developed. I believe that everyone has a great deal of value to share... they usually just need someone to really listen and pay attention to them. So I truly welcome all to write.

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My Information

Birth date: 1956-08-25
Gender: Male
Race: Mexican
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Weight: 176 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Expected Release Date: 0000
Are you on Death Row? No