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Tyrone  	Smith picture

Tyrone Smith

I'm incarcerated for a crime & wouldn't commit, Become a snitch. Any love out there for a stand up guy? I would like to introduce myself. My name is W. TY. Smith. I'm an up and coming author, My pen name is Tyrone Whitney, I have no specific genre. I intend on venturing in many6 areas due to the creativeness of the art and craft of writing. My home address is Riverdale Ga, Metro Atl. I currently reside in the Feds. Although I'm physically confined, I'm mentally free for the first time in my life. I have access my higher self laying my lower self to rest. I intend on sharing my gift that I honestly believe God has bestowed upon me. I'm one of the last Mohegan's so I guess it's safe to say the last of a dying breed. So you can expect and count on nothing but pure geniuses. During this trail of my life I have lost many things but one thing I have held firmly to is my moral and self respect, and with that I will always stand tall through any and all things this life throws my way. As the late Tupac Shukuronce said a coward dies a thousand deaths but a solider dies but once. I've always believed if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything. That brings me to the theme of my first novel/screenplay. It's formed around what we would call code of ethics. We all have ways and things we believe in that is inbred in our hearts of hearts, those things sometime come to an challenge. Isit ever worth reexamining your own resolve and if so to what instinct? Well that's what this novel is about. Take this flight with me. You will truly be enlighten and entertained. At the end of this book you'll be asking yourself what is most important to you and can you look at yourself in the mirror, and say it was all worth it. This novel also brings awareness to disease's illness's and drugs. Some of my other projects consist of an array of urban series short stories, that's sure to entertain you as well as knock your socks off. On a more serious note One thing I'm extremely passionate about is today's youth. I'm hard at work on an memoir presenting my life and the things I've overcame. It's basically about consequences of life. The concept of this book will be, where will your choices lead you, making the left turn and being left out of all the promise life has for you or making that right turn and being on track for that abundance of blessings. Although it will be scripture friendly, the kids want get the felling that there being preached to. It focus on Education , Future, peer pressure, choices, attitudes, teen sex disease's, and alcohol/drugs. This is a must read. Our teen's can't afford to be left out. I make a solemn promise that every mind will be able to relate with one thing or the other and come out with a clear eyesight as well as deeper insight. I also have plans to do an autobiography about my walk through Fed time. I can't divulge too much at this point but this book will definitely leave every reader in awe. This body of work is designed to inform the public and even more important to derail the individuals on track for arrival. I'm in the process of establishing my own publishing Co. due to the fact that I'm presently bound. I'm trying to raise the funds needed politician style. With you the people I know this thing will be successful. So is there any luv out there for a thorough and as friends. All will greatly appreciated and welcome. funds can be sent to Tyrone Smith # 52083-019 FBOP. PO Box 474701 Desmoines IA. 50947-001 or through western union state code. DC city code fbop. All love is excepted hollow at me even on some chit chat time. I'm also single and looking for that special woman that we can compliment one another. all love Tyrone Smith . P.S to find out more about my up an coming http:// www.T. scoady

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My Information

Birth date: 1974-06-23
Gender: Male
Race: African-American
Height: 5ft10in
Weight: 190
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Expected Release Date: 2011
Are you on Death Row? No