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Garrison Johnson



Inmate# D59672/c7-124



My Information

Birth date: 10/30/1964
Gender Male
Race: African-American
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color: Brown
Are you on Death Row? No
Expected Release
Month  01 Year     2015  

Current Residence
Garrison Johnson
# D59672
Salinas Valley State Prison
P.O. Box 1050
Soledad, CA 93960



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Garrison Johnson # D59672 is a 1 Year VFI + PLUS MEMBER



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Message From inmate Garrison Johnson # D59672

 I'm a jailhouse Lawyer ( JHL ) financially secured. I'm interested in corresponding with someone willing to assist me in establishing and running business while incarcerated.

To read a few poems of insight into my life, please click on the link provided ABOVE ^^^ in the legal area.....
FYI, for anyone who view my page I'm currently 46 years old and have been incarcerated for the past 25 years. Over all these years my mother Helen Johnson has been my primary aid and supporter which is a testament that God is merciful even to those who may be considered undeserving. The picture you see is of my mother and I taken June of 2010. Prior to my imprisonment I was illiterate and lacked common sense which made me overwhelmingly vulnerable to the dark side of humanity. However, my incarceration compelled me to learn how to read and write after being shamed by having to have another prisoner read a letter my mother had sent me because I was illiterate. Acquiring knowledge by reading books I was able to see the errors of my ways, realizing I was on the dark side propagating evilness unconsciously due to my ignorance. Once my awareness was awaken I immediately repented to God for forgiveness of my sins. I now stand in support of good as opposed to evil. I have asked God to give me the same courage I had when I engaged in evil doings to fight against evil. I prayed for the psychological strength to expose the racism practice in the American prison systems without fear of consequences as I did not fear consequences when I was of the wicked. In my stance against malfeasance of prison officials I have filed litigation actions in Federal Court challenging the racism practices in prison by those employed as guards and free staff.... I also experienced retaliation from prison guards because the court mandated the prison to stop it's practice in the form of racial discrimination I've complained of. You can view my lawsuits and settlement documents by going to and look at the documents I have posted on voice for inmates (VFI) Appeal Bullet Program under 2-Docs, 3-Docs, 4-Docs and 5-Docs. Also, anyone can e-mail me at or However if a response is required you must add to your contact list or MSN, Yahoo, and AOL will put my e-mail in your spam or junk mail folder.

However, the actual message I wish to convey, to anyone who takes the time to check me out, concerns my observations from the inside looking out. More specifically, an outside analysis from an insiders prospective." ALL AFRICAN-AMERICANS, AND EACH ETHNICITY ALIKE, PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION"

 As an African-American, I'm alarmed by the statistical showings of 50% of the U.S death rate is caused by homicides, and 93% of that 50% are homicides committed by blacks against blacks. Given that statistic and from an empirical experience, I've come to the conclusion that blacks are their own worst enemy. How else can you account for this alarming rate? To put it bluntly, by simply living in an African-American community, I would be in an imminent threat of death. Now this cant be the American dream we all envision, can it?

A lot of the murders, which occur amongst the black communities are a direct result of a deficient psychological development. What I mean is, PEOPLE OUT THERE LACK MENTAL DISCIPLINE! For instance, I have personally witnessed several homicides caused simply by "one black man MEAN MUGGIN another" Are intense looks worth dying over? Also, black men kill one another over petty rumors or his perceived disrespect. Should senseless, meaningless, words justify murder? Then you have drugs, robbery, and gang related homicides....All these types of murders attributed to a deficiency in ones mental development. But through meaningful education, we can overcome these setbacks in mind growth, and train these youngsters of today to resolve issues through other avenues instead of  always resorting to violence. This must be done in order to give our youth a fighting chance against finding themselves a victim of black on black violence.

Moreover, from a general prospective, more and more people entertain homicidal thoughts and suicide alike and both contribute, in some form or fashion to this psychological deficiency. Sometimes as I sit and wonder if all this increased violence is the end of time here on earth. How else can we explain the homicides and suicides occurring daily?

The national explanation, as it relates to suicides, is people are not being prepared mentally to handle rejection, and quite often we'll find a direct link to suicide as having suffered some form of rejection in the months immediately  preceding the event. Therefore its important that I reiterate the importance of educating our youth to avoid these types of psychological deficiencies, and strengthen ones rational thought process. Everyone wants to be excepted, so we must begin teaching our children at the earliest stages of mind development, that there are bullies in this world and sometimes people may not like you for one reason or another and sometimes for absolutely no reason at all. Its our duty to prepare them psychologically in the event they have to deal with people like that in their future. Don't we at least owe them that?

The essentials we must fortify in a child's mind is "Never think that you should kill yourself just because someone said or done something to cause you to feel bad about who you are." Love conquers all! Teach them that, teach them to love themselves, because without self-love, mean people consciously or subconsciously  cause irreparable psychological damage.

Therefore, please take heed to my message and educate our youth, its a quiet possibly the only chance we have before we realize its too late.
   It is my hope you will send me a donation for I can hire Lawyers and Expert Witnesses for other lawsuits I have pending in court challenging the unconstitutional prison conditions and the brutality myself and thousands of other prisoners face daily.
Garrison Johnson




As you know, my name is Garrison Johnson, and I?d like to address the overwhelming youth violence occurring across American today.  Youth violence exists on a global level, and the u.s. it attributes to strain and over-crowding of the system as we know it.  Believe me, I?ve been in prison for 25 years on a 25 year to life sentence for murder/ robbery, and I?ve personally witnessed countless youth sentence  to spend the rest of there lives in one of the many correctional institutions across California, and this should be an issue of grave concern to the taxpaying citizens of the great nation.  Society should not have a piggy-back the cost of incarceration these children, yes children, a vast majority of these kids can be rehabilitated, but the system has labeled out youth as outcasts and essentially given upon them.  Instead of patching this problem with prison, I propose a cure.  Though I?ve come to expect the consequences of my decisions, there?s still hope for our youth if we address the issue at it?s core.  That?s why I created the Garrison Johnson foundation to help realize this dream.

   in 1973, when I was a small boy living with my uncle in Philadelphia. PA, the U.S. navy stationed him in Hawaii.  Though I was just 8 years old, at this time the Hawaiian expirence forever shaped my mind.  It enabled me to invision the cure I?m proposing reducing youth violence by iinterviening at a very early age and offer alternatives to gangs.  In Hawaii there were mant programs and activities to occupy my idle time.  Such as martial arts classes, boy scout meetings, sail boating and swimming lessons, scuba diving , hiking and camping.  All of these activities were offered by the U.S. Government to the families of these stationed on the military base.

   In 1976 my uncle was restationed in Montgomery Alabama and on again the U.S. Government offered the same benefits of the previous base.  However, in 1977, I began to miss my mother and siblings, whom were living in Californiaat the time, so I packed my stuff and headed out west to be with them.  In retrospect, this was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.  The U.S, Government actually provided the structure that I needed and heading out to California proved to be fatal.  If I only have stayed put??..

   Anyhow, California had no after school or weekend programs to offer to the youth in the chettos, and in 1977 who would have ever imagined that gang violence would exist on the level it does today?  Though I wasn?t commiting gang related crimes those early califonia days, it wouldn?t be long befor that all changed.  The lack of structured activities created the atmosphere to seek alternatives to help occupy out idle time.  This usually lead to the ghetto youth getting together in groups of 20 to 50 and smoked weed or drink alcohol and discuss ways of making bug money fast.  With the older dope dealers driving fancy cars and wearing flashy jewelry with all that designer gear, we wanted the same.  With no money to start with, we had to do something drastic, so we started running up on fools and jacking em (stron armed robberies) and plotted home invasions style robberies.  Often times these misguided youths would get together and invade other neighborhoods simply to establish territory.  This activity slowly forged a bond between me ans all these other kids and we eventually ended up with a gang title, we were known as the ?Gear Gang? and a force to be reckoned.  Thus, we were officially gang-bangers and our neighboring rivals declare themselves gangs soon thereafter the blood shed ensued.

   this new life style of living eventually lead to the event which caused my current circumstances, but I believe that the real solution to stopping youth violence and gang activityin our communities is to youth progress to occupy their wasted time.

   As I?ve had plenty of time to sit and reflect upon my past misdees   I?ve come to experience remorse and the regret created by crimes like mines, and I?ve come to understand the suffering  and financial hardship left to endure by the victims family.  That?s why the Garrison Johnson foundation promises to help ease this financial burden by creating ?victims compensations division? within it?s overall structure to raise and provide funds to the financially assist victims and there families fore injuries ans property loss resulting for random acts of violence,  While at the same time exoanding the foundation?s initiative to work with communities across America in creating after school and weekend youth programs through it?s ?outreach? division.  The ?outreach? progress will primarily, he funded through donations by professional sporting leagues like the NFL, NBA, and the MIB.

   The Garrison Johnson Foundation will also solicit funding and donations from major sporting franchises with arenas and stadiums located within some of the impoverished communities to improve upon or create youth alternative programs in those areas.  The Garrison Johnson fFoundation believe that with the financial assistance from the professional sports team owners, business, and corporate leaders we will succeed in creating these programs to provide our children with an alternative to criminal activity and help make our communities a safer place ti live.

   in addition to our youth deterant  efforts, we must also focus upon those incarcerated as well.  In a attempt to help reduce the recidivism rate in the U.S. the Garrison Johnson Foundation will establish training and incentive programs for prisoners in prisons across American, with the objective to transform inmates into entrepeneus. And expand their opportunities upon release.  Through small business and real-estate training programs, the Garrison Johnson Foundation believes this goal could be easily achieved.  Given the high recidivism  rate is attached rate is attribute to the difficult task of finding and holding down gainful employment bu those being released.  Once released, the foundation will provide loans to all those who qualify to establish small business and or real estate investment opportunities.  The garrison Johnson Foundation believes that these available loans provide prisoners with the incentive to become law-abiding citizens, and live fruit full lives within the communities to which they will eventually return.  With the training the foundation will be providing, paroles will be better equipt to handle set setbacks and focus more towards ownership in a small business of some type like grocery stores, laundromates, gas stations and investment firms.

   It is the Garrison Johnson Foundation opinion  that the citizens of this great nationneed to wake up and stop depending on the government to create a peaceful society.  We as individuals need to shoulder some of this burden ourselves.  However, in order for any of the foundations progress to materialize, we must staff our foundation with qualified and compotent personal with experience in managing a foundation with goals and objectives such as the Garrison  Johnson foundation.  However, these goals will come at a cost.  It is therefore that we urge the citizens of America to pull together and provide a contribution in any amount to the Garrison Johnson foundation to reach its goals and bring its proposed programs to fruition.

   I?m also am aspiring writet and have written a book titled ?Eastside? which is also available for purchase and a portion  of the sales proceeds will go directly to the foundation efforts.

   in closing, if anyone doubts the sincerity of Garrison Johnson mission in directing these programs, due to my incarceration.  Then I urge you to create your own foundation with the same mission and philosophy as the Garrison Johnson Foundation, because this is a mission that requires the efforts od America as a whole.

So we urge you the public, families and inmates alike to send financialdonations or purchase my book ?Eastside? at the address below.

Garrison Johnson Foundation %1683
Prisoner Assistant Inc.
482 Summit Wind dr.
PO Box 704
Lake harmony, PA  18624             

Garrison Johnson # D59672 is a 1 Year VFI + PLUS MEMBER

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