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Gregory Johnson



Inmate # K-54051


                 Men, Female

My Information

Birth date: 11/24/1962
Gender Male
Race: Hebrew Israelite
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Are you on Death Row?
Expected Release
Month   07 Year 2014

Current Residence

Dixon Correctional Center
P.O. Box 1200
2600 N. Brinton Ave
Dixon Il, 61021



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 Gregory Johnson #  K-54051 is a 1 Year VFI + PLUS MEMBER


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Message From inmate Gregory Johnson #  K-54051



From Prison to the Boardroom, to the Founder and CEO of Eyes Opened, Inc., and Beyond.

Greetings everyone. I have decided to take this unique opportunity during my incarceration to explore the possibility of meeting a friend, or the woman with whom I might be able to spend the rest of my life with. In addition, I am also interested in meeting men and woman who are equally interested in becoming a part of, and/or assisting me with, the formation of a 50l(c)(3), not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing educational excellence and humanitarian services to the community and the learning disabled, at-risk children, teens, and ex-offenders. For more info, please contact me at:



       I am seeking a single female in good physical, and emotional condition for the purpose of friendship, or something more? It is also my desire to be in a long term committed relationship that may result in marriage. All nationalities are welcome; age is unimportant. Big plus if you have a healthy libido that matches mine! !!!!!! In addition, a strong belief in God, loving, compassionate, considerate to others, practice monogamy, and committed to one relationship at a time; educated, business and/or entrepreneurial minded. Must not be a smoker or user of illegal drugs or alcohol! It would also be nice if you enjoyed world travel, live music, racing cars, and riding motorcycles. However, I am in the process of restarting my life, and I am looking for someone special to "LOVE" and share my life with. I am a hopeless romantic who is willing to dedicate my life to someone special. I am not on the D.L., nor have I ever been. I do not have HIV/AIDS, or any other STDs. I really enjoy building, and racing Hp-cars and motorcycles. I also enjoy world travel, boating, cooking, live music and spending quality time with my lady, and helping others. Therefore, if you would like to experience an Eyes Opening relationship please e-mail me at:



I see myself as a visionary because of my ability to think outside the box. However, I am now attempting to implement the most ambitious endeavors of my life; as I truly desire to make a positive contribution to society. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that I am able to network with innovative people. In turn I would be able to surround myself with dedicated, professionals, and business minded men and women who possess the talents to take my visions to the highest level and beyond.

My dream is to create an educational, and humanitarian not-for-profit organization that will provide State-of-the-Art technologies, and educational services in a unique nationally televised teaching environment for students, including, but not limited to, individuals with learning disabilities, teen dropouts, at-risk children, teens, and ex-offenders. In addition, to providing a host of humanitarian services to distressed communities; in contrast, I cannot do any of this alone, "I need your help!"

I have also conceived a concept for a reality based television show, and documentary. The documentary will showcase and catalogue my life's failure and success before, during and after my incarceration.

"I am requesting your support," without your assistance none of this will be possible! The not-for-profit I envision has the potential to create over 200 jobs or more, if my business plan and company format is followed and executed properly. Therefore, if I were given the opportunity to network with the proper people who are experience with developing and running a 50l(c)(3), my dream of founding this type of organization could become a reality. (Please spread the word, I am in  need of your help, as I am assembling my team now. Please Join me.)

Regarding the reality show, and documentary I mention; I realize that I must seek your assistance and support once again. Information is the key to my success, as I will have to network, and make new contacts in the television and cable industries. It is all most impossible, as an inmate to make contact with the outside world. However, thanks to V.F.I., I can reach out to the world. Therefore, I would ask that you to please provide me with any and all relative TV or cable networks, or television exec's contact info or e-mails, so that I could pitch both of my ideas to for the documentary and reality based television show. Please feel free to e-mail me at either of my E-mail addresses with detailed and complete info off the internet on how to pitch my ideas to the TV and/or cable executives. Also feel free to become a part of my endeavors, or just give your advice.

     Please join Eyes Opened, Inc. Legal Committee for the release of Illinois inmate Gregory Johnson K-54051.

In 2012, I will become eligible for permanent party/work-release residential status. In order for me to implement or make any of my endeavors a reality, I must be free to pursue my dreams. Here is where I really need everyone's support and assistance so that I may pursue my lifelong endeavors! I would ask that all who support me and my endeavors to contact any Illinois State Senator or State Representative, and the Illinois Department of Corrections "Director (Gladyse Taylor[]) and the Transfer Coordinator (Sandra Funk[}), on my behalf at 1301 Concordia Court P.O.BOX 19277 Springfield, IL 62794 ...217-558-2200, and inundate their offices with phone calls, e-mails, and letters. "Politely" request that Gregory Johnson K-54051, be placed in an Adult Transitional Center as a permanent party resident under IDOC's rules 445.10-50, in 2012, once I become eligible for that program.


"To my supporters?

To all my supporters who support my endeavors. I deeply appreciate your support and assistance. For those who wish to do more by donating their time, spiritual or moral support, legal representation or legal advice or providing their products or services or financial donations or any other resources that they think might be beneficial to my cause. I would suggest that you contact me at either of the above e-mail address, or use the V.F.I., .automated contact service below to send me a message. In addition, if you would like to have some recognition for your support and/or assistance; Please send me your full name and address, your company or organization name and address, and your website and e-mail. I will place all of your information on my web-pages as a supporter of mine; 'as I, thank you for supporting me.


  *Growing list of supporters and contributors*

Richard Beierwalters
V.P. Engineering
Air Cycle Corp.
Email: Rick @

Pastor Bro. Henry Buie
The Israel Of God
2515 E. 75th St.
Chicago, IL 60649

E-mail: theisrael @

British Digby of:
Just Released Magazine
Mica Battles of:
Sons & Daughters of Destiny
P.O. Box 19151
Chicago, IL 60619

Baxter Dunbar
Quicktionary II Reading Pens
1055 Tam O?Shanter Dr.
Kansas City, MO 64145

E-mail: Quictionary @

 Gregory Johnson #  K-54051 is a 1 Year VFI + PLUS MEMBER

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