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Ja'Von M. Bloom



Inmate# 146-782



My Information

Birth date: 05/27/1960
Gender Male
Race: African American
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Brown
Are you on Death Row?
Expected Release
Month   06 Year  2009    

Current Residence

Ja'von M. Bloom
# 146-782
P.O. Box 5500
Cresaptown, Md 21505


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Ja'Von M. Bloom # 146-782 is a 1 Year VFI + PLUS MEMBER


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Message From inmate Ja'Von M. Bloom # 146-782

   " Life's success is based on the commitment of being determine to succeed in any endeavor."
     Hello world,
        Thank you for stopping by!  Would you care to become a friend and put a smile in my heart sure to show up on my face?  I really would appreciate it and be happy tom do the same for you.  Life is forever reciprocal.
   My style is adventurous, otherwise.  I'm easy going, healthy, understanding and a very erotic person.  Spontaneity turns me on.  I enjoy deep conversation, reading and writing poetry, long summer drives, fun on the beach or in the park, the sweet smell of flowers in the air, the beauty of stars after dark, my is heart full of care.
   At this point in my life I am open to explore building genuine friendships with people of all walks of life and ethnic groups and to discover a wonderful sweet woman to bring all my loving home to.
   I am looking forward to being released in 2009 following a new trial of which I am presently awaiting the outcome of in the case Adam Vs. State, 116 MD. 678 walking out of prison will be a very grand moment in my life that words will never convey.
   Professionally, My goal is to start my own real estate business buying foreclosure properties and leasing them to the governments housing program.  A profitable business allowing me to travel to exotic places with that someone special in my life.
   Currently, I am writing a novel called CHAN'TELE ban exciting story every woman will enjoy.  I am looking for reliable blog support to set up a revenue generating blog called The House Of CHAN;TELE to promote the story.  Any one interested?
   I welcome you into my life with open arms filled with affection.  I've been waiting all my life to know a real love and have genuine friends.  From today forth lets spend quality time becoming a special part of each others life.  Don't hesitate another moment, make my day with your words of inspiration.  There really is unlimited hugs and smooches just waiting for you!!!!
name of song:  Love Won't Let Me Wait.  By, Major Harris

                                                       Flirtatious Inspiration
   You emulate every flirtatious trait evident to mankind without effort.  Sending diverse signals that generate a positive rotation of imaginative contemplation, simultaneously triggering an organic reaction that without question biologically defy the living laws of the yen and the yang.  You represent the natural order of physics, causing electrons and neutrons to ignite in a passionate wave of sensual tension.
   I have tried with the depth of my soul to grip the balance of the universe by balancing the magnetic forces which stimulates my natural spiritual and physical attraction without interrupting the naked energy that can and will cause sparks to fly that burst into zillions of indistinguishable intimate moans of pleasure.  In doing so and without a pause the law of nature urge me to surrender to the divine order that governs the natural rhythm of your provocative feminine flow.  And thus, as a man first, a conqueror and a king, I am prompt to use the internet of existence that separate the atmosphere or our worlds to seize your undivided attention, enrapture you in my sweetness and spend a life time thrilling you with my natural male invention, inspired by your natural flirtatious intention.

      I trust each of you will enjoy this poem.  I'd like to know your personal thoughts about it and if you have a mind to ,inspire me to write one personally for you.

P.S. May God bless you all!!!!!!!!

Ja'Von M. Bloom # 146-782 is a 1 Year VFI + PLUS MEMBER

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