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           Kirell Taylor



nmate # T-35161



My Information

Birth date: 09/21/1975
Gender Male
Race: Human Being
Height: 5 ft   7 in
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Are you on Death Row?
Expected Release
Month  00 Year  2010  

Current Residence

California State Prison
44750 60th Street West
Lancaster, Ca 93539


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Message From inmate   Kirell Taylor # T-35161

   Billionaire owner of 20th Fox Film, Robert Murdock, attempted to have me, Dr. Sadeeq Abdul Al-Hagg Kirell, murdered while in California State Prison after the reenactment of my conviction on Americas Most Wanted, dated March 20th, 2004.  Why did they risk so much financial liability by falsely and maliciously labeling me a snitch. 

  In 1997, I was 21 years old and ended up meeting Osama Bin Laden in the Middle East.  I didn't like him nor the smell of his crew.  " So what did I do?"  In 1998, I founded an antiterrorism death unit entitled The Kirellian Coalition Foundation with in the United States.  In 1999, I killed my first terrorist suspect.  I supplied the Clinton Administration with my goals and aims.

   On July 13, 1999 I was secretly arrested and effectively brought Headquarters of my foundation into the Los Angeles County Jail.  After I obtained the plans to the 9/11 plot in June 2001, I tried to get a federal judge and state judge to assist me with preventing the approaching terrorist attack.  They and the Los Angeles FBI ignored my letters and calls.  The state judge simply tossed my letter in my court file.  However, on 9-13-2001, I truly let them all have a dose of how I felt while standing in the middle of the court room with every word being transcribed by the court reporter.

   Upon being shipped off to a California Prison, I attempted to prevent the terrorist attack at Paradise Hotel on November 28th, 2002, in Mombasa, Africa.  All of a sudden, Rubert Murdock, did a reenactment of the crimes I was convicted of and allowed John Walsh, host A.M.W., to deliberately slander my name by stating I had snitched on a guy the FBI captured.  It is all a lie and I was attacked while in prison and survived the murder that Rubert Murdock put out on my life in an attempt to never let my operation be publicized over his networks.  I've gone through hell and back, but "I'm Still Standing." 

    For five years I have been chasing these Tycoons in lawsuit after suit and it has been a hard task being that I have voluntarily denounced United States citizenship.  The U.S. Supreme court and other federal courts declare me to be " a man without a country."  However, I do have certain rights to get the federal courts to hear my evidence which cannot be rebutted by the best attorney.  A federal judge disliked the facts of my case and recently dismissed the suit again while clearly violating well known Rules of Civil Procedure.  This suit is for $506 million and currently refilled in the Los Angeles Superior Court under case # BC422330 and can be read at See Kirell Taylor v 20th Century Fox Film Corp.  Any assistance against these defamers of my character would be rewarded.  I know they still seek to have me silenced.  My legal status conforms to Title 8 U S C section 1481(a).  I can soon be deported out of the U S .

   Therefore you can read Broken Silence to 9/11 regarding my struggle by googling Who betrayed Bin or go to and read the screen name State of Kirell for details on the launch of Who Betrayed Bin  I did!  I have incorporated all the facts within my biography, including photos; excerpts of public documents the courts refuse to speak on; petitions to the Bush administration; my law suit against the USA on behalf of the 9/11 victims and much more.  The book is 138 pages of raw facts and capable of being read online for $12.00.

    The Kirellian Coalition Foundation has been converted into a non profit private religious organization for various humanitarian efforts.  To read more go to whereOsamabinladenis?  My emails are shipped to me Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If you leave an email address or a regular address, I will reply to all parties whether gay, lesbian, agnostic, Christian or Jewish.
                                            Dr. Sadeeq  
    P.S. My faithful wife Queen LoriAnn.  She can be E-mailed at  Isn't she georgeous?


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