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Inmate# 324-839
My Information
Birth date: 07/06/1969
Gender: Male
Race: African American
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Are you on Death Row?  No
Expected Release
Month 11 Year 2014
Current Residence

13800 McMullen Highway SW
2-C 33-B
Cumberland, MD 21502

Phone: (812) 244-4400
Fax: (812) 244-4789

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Message From inmate Randy Shultz # 324-839
  Yes my name is Shultz and no, I’m not related to the guy in the Hogan’s Heroes. I don’t pull punches so. I’ll tell you straight up that I’m in for armed robbery. It’s a long story but if you make the time I will tell it, I don’t have anything to hide. I’ve been down five years. I thought I would go it alone but I’m feeling a little lonely and would like to have someone to write too, and kick it with.

   As you can see by my picture I’m a “mix” of nice and good looks. I guess I’m biased since I see this smiling face in the mirror everyday. Seriously I’m more Don Quixote (noted for his chivalry) The Don Juan (noted for his seductions). In other words, I’m a stand up man. Not some womanizer.

  I enjoy playing chess and consider myself a fairly cerebral type of person. For those who don’t know cerebral means; characterized by the use of intellect. Now I sound more like Don Rickles (noted for his sarcasm). Enough of all the Dons, okay one more. Don Coleone, I enjoy movies and loved the God Father. But my gangster days are over. I also like reading and music, mostly R&B but lately I’ve been listening to some country maybe that’s why I’ve been depressed and longing for friendship. But when the lights go low and candles are lit I prefer a little 230 Barry White. Marvin Gay, Or Luther. I also love animals, particularly dogs (Pit Bulls & Rottweiler's).

   I’m religious but we all cant be saints. Another thing is that I am loyal, and I’m looking to share that quality. I provide for myself, so this isn’t about money. It’s about friendship and reaching past these walls. So if you are looking for a friend, then give me a chance to earn your friendship. Write me!


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