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Inmate# 437-452
My Information
Birth date: 01/15/1975
Gender: Male
Race: Hispanic
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Weight: 172 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Are you on Death Row?  No
Expected Release
Month 07 Year 2023
Current Residence

Southern Ohio Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 45699
Lucasville, Ohio 45699

Phone: (812) 244-4400
Fax: (812) 244-4789

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Robert Goldwire # 437-452 is a 1 Year VFI + PLUS MEMBER
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Message From inmate Robert Goldwire # 437-452
Peace to the gods and earths. This message is for all those who are sincere contributors to the cause of freedom, justice and equality with knowledge of self and the devil. On February 28,2002, The 7 Born Supreme was arrested based on the lies and devilisment of a jealous female he was dating, after he decided to severe his ties with her and told her so. He provided overwhelming proof of his whereabouts which contradicted her false accusations, but was convicted by a predominately white jury and sentenced to a prison for 20 years. Based purely on an accusation with no physical evidence and multiple conflicting statements given to police by the female. We have the evidence and have since uncovered proof of the states suppression of evidence that proved that he had been framed. The powers that be in Montgomery County, Ohio didn’t like this smooth new Yorker who was speaking Allah’s words and teaching people in their city to stand up for themselves and other people. They called the gods a gang but he was a nurses aide waiting to start school to become a licensed practice nurse. What we need is financial, legal and moral support for the 7. He is currently one of the founders of the Cipher in southern Ohio Correctional Facility and has sparked many minds to our way of life while incarcerated in various Ohio prisons. Don’t let these snakes take the life of this Dynamic father and strong man unanswered! You can speak volumes by contributing time, effort, letters and yes, money to aid in our struggle to liberate him. This is what its going to take-flat out! Let the Devil see our unity and the power of collective effort manifested on a supreme level by getting every true and living involved right now! Write the 7 and burro with him. Allah is one and we leave no true 7 to fight the devil alone so get at the god right now (email a physical address or write direct). And make a donation to the cause at Robert Goldwire # 437-452 P.O. Box 45699 Lucasville, OH 45699 Sincerely Friends and Family of the 7 Born Supreme.
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Robert Goldwire # 437-452 is a 1 Year VFI + PLUS MEMBER exp 09/14/2009

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