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Tariq Malik



Inmate# 306-176



My Information

Birth date: 12/07/1979
Gender Male
Race: African American/
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 210 lb
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Are you on Death Row?
Expected Release
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Current Residence

Tariq Malik
14100 McMullen Hwy SW


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Message From inmate Tariq Malik #306-176

 To whom this may concern:
My nationality is New Afrikan and my story is not much different than many young people growing up in a struggling ghetto

I been labeled a criminal but I'm in no way a socio- path.
I lost my parents to the streets' and it's no surprise i fell victim to the same vicious cycle.
But unlike my my mom's and pop's I became the predator while my folks was the prey
In the streets there is rarely a winner.
Whether surrounded by buildings or trees a jungle is still a jungle and to quote a friend of mine in the concrete jungle the beast will eat until it's has been eaten so it's best to be a man and and let the beast devour itself'- S. Bini.
The street help mold me to become the man I'm today the street is like many things in America i.e. there are positive and negatives. The negatives far outweigh the positive.
The streets conditioned/trained us to think as thugs, gangsters; and pimps. This is the grooming those of my circumstance receive. We are not trained to be men, fathers, mothers, women, accountable adults, etc.
The circumstances surrounding my arrest will be forth coming though limited due to the appeal process still being available to me.
Nothing about the streets or prison is cool nor slick. Many of us feel that we had no choice in doing some of the things we were doing or did. However do we control our destiny or are we victims of politics that created such circumstances to move us in unproductive and and self  destructive ways unbeknowing to us for economic means and classism??
What I'm about to say is a sad truth - prison has become the black man's Harvard because it's the cell that has remolded the mind of many of us and produced men such as Malcolm X; George Jackson. All life is generated from a cell and this hold true to a prison cell as well.
The prison cell has given life life to many dead ( unconscious/ unaware) people as myself. Consciousness is to be aware or to know. To be conscious is to be Human. The prison cell is where I was able to transform a thug mentality, a criminal mentality into a revolutionary mentality, i.e. a mentality geared towards change within myself, change in the mentality of a conscious Black Man. I believe everything  we go through whether good or bad becomes a part of our D.N.A. this poem will give a person a better insight of who I'm;
It's hard being a real brother clutching on steel pouring cool- aid on hill figures, for dudes  I cut for, take a bullet for and you asking me what for?
Cause this check I wrote till death won't bounce. to quit is to cave and excuses.. don't count.
Yeah! The Black Man blues, short sticks with long brooms, two feet planted whether it be the tomb or the court room, bullet wounds in my flesh powder burns I digest, on the front line I will die !
In peace I may rest, battles I can't win, with stripes I must defend, done been to the pen behind friends and, I still can't turn my flags in!
When you break weak I got to stand strong, I strive to go hard.. while you strive to go home, these checks I wrote require day and night, for better or worst, up's and downs putting in work from birth,  running myself in the dirt - and you asking me.. why my back hurt?
I guess you got to become me or walk in my shoes, I drank from the cup but I drank to fill my blues , yeah the real Brother Blues. 
I can't bend, break, front, fake, fold, or get hacked it's like I'm married to this game, which is not a game at all, and my team lose if I get sacked.
My word is my bond, my life is my son, my deuce is my gun, and my fear is to have none, cause I refuse to run and for my honor.. I Die.  
MY heart have got hard, but I still show regard, call out to the lord.. but it seem like I can't cry, so when bullets' fly it's my fault , locked in with no way out, mess some clout, this is what I'm about even if I'm the one to get caught.
It isn't in me to bad dime, I ride for the cause and hide from the law, I'm not scared to get ragged down, dig this - my partner got a lick and since I'm the corner stone of the click, they came to me when things got thick, I took in all the evidence and made it mine, not realizing when they be out balling, I'll be doing time.
I kept it real, a mark would have squealed, but I chilled and put it all on appeal, but got cheated in the deal.
See I respect the code of the street, the code of the " G" but when they gave it to me, I said mess the law I will never help them make a case, now tears in my son face cause his daddy out of place, with no trace of my peers, missing my little man's younger years all because I kept it real.
Regreret? sometime I have some, I'm going to walk when my time comes, In your eyes you a real brother so what would you  have done? stand strong, I'm not surprised, I was in jail camouflaging my cries squabbling dudes twice my size for mistaking tears for fears in my eyes, but I didn't ask to be real, I was born like this, sacrifice for sure for you, maybe got me scorn like this tattoo and tore like this my root's won't pluck, I'm praying, I'm going to be down until I get laid down, all the X real brothers would still be real only if they had stayed down, but these my blues, yeah the real brother blues, I just spread the news to who I choose, A tale of a real brother, can you dig his blues?
For the ladies out there, there are three things you must posses:
Principles, Morales, and self - determination.


Tariq Malik # 306-176 is a  VFI + PLUS MEMBER

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