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Terrance Terrell Winn



Inmate# 296-659




Birth date: 10/19/1973
Gender: Male
Race: African American
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 236 lbs
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Light Brown
Are you on Death Row?  No
Expected Release
Month 00 Year Pending

Current Residence

Terrance T. Winn
# 296-659

Camp D, Raven 2: Left #5
Angola, La70712



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Message From inmate Terrance T. Winn # 296-659

(Speaking Truthfully)
The Growth Of One Street Educated
T. Winn fills in the blanks
   1. Who is Terrance Winn: a reformed, rehabilitant, son, father, grandfather, loyal friend, god fearer, non smoking, non substance abusing, human loving, chef, poet, fictional non fiction writing novelist, love lover, positive brother, who enjoys good conversation, and spending time with family.

   2.How has prison changed you from the person you were to the person you Are:  I'm older, mature,, and these factors enables me to think of others as i think of self.  This keeps me grounded so that I won't act impulsive or irrationally.

   3. What's one thing people would be surprised to know about you: I'm a mommas boy.

   4. Being a writer in prison what are some of the setbacks: No computer or internet access, It's hard finding an honest publisher to look behind the bars and see past the address.  It's a struggle not to be able to have you own books typed when everyone demands typed work or a diskette.

    5. Describe what   your books are about: life and love .  I write from experience (not necessarily personal but experience all the same.)  A few of my characters are real people, like Lega-C, a great femcee who I would love to see make it big in hip-hop.  The same with D. Brooks and Art Banks, two more great MC's.  I try and help others threw my books and educate the youth about the pitfalls of street living.  I'm also  big on social justice and race relations.

   6. In your book " Street Educated" the characters Taco and Becky  (an interracially married couple) Seems authentic, care to elaborate:  I've known Becky by another name.  Street educated covers a wide range of issues socially, especially where the relationship between cops and robbers are concerned.

   7. All of your books honor women, what type of woman do you like: Intelligent, good communicator, able to stand alone on her own, loyal, spontaneous, honest, lover of kids, family orientated, dream chaser, stable, supportive, unselfish, and loves big women.

   8. Who is SERTAFYDE HUSTLA: Anyone that's not holding them self back.  It's not who but what.  A hustla is any human utilizing skills to live accordingly.  One become sertafyde when they strive and accomplish.  More over sertafyde hustla is the name I choose to launch for a clothing line.  It's also the name of one of my books.

   9. What is your take on love: I love love wholeheartedly.  The gift of trust love's first cousin, gives beauty to love.  My take on love is, I want it forever.

   10. Anyone special: no prayerfully this will change soon.

   11. What's you fondest memory: falling in love and receiving the same love in torn.

   12. Saddest moment: to many to pick just one.

   13.What's the biggest misconception about prison: That there's a big gay culture when in Angola you hardly ever see this form of living.

   14. The most important thing you've learned about this life is: love those around you everyday.  Express your love to those who love and always make your parents proud.  Oh yeah, okay man's low because God says so

   15. The moist important people in your life are: Family.

   16. If you could change one thing what would it be : My mother's health, she wouldn't need to be on dialysis.

   17. Where do you want to be in  years: Free, rich , happily in love and married, on NY times best seller list, helping youth to not come to prison and helping some who are here get free.  Active in spreading God's word.

   18. Why do you like poetry: freedom to express my rhythmically.

   19. What kind of music do u like: hip-hop and R&B.  Tupac my all time favorite, Jay-Z, Talib Kwel, Nas, Common, Lega -C, D. Brooks, Lil Dap, Angie Locc, Ledisi, Algebra, Leight Jones, Joss Stone, Jaheim, Lyfe, Wayne Brady, Jean Grae, Invincible, Are Favorites to name a few.

   20. How would you like to be remembered: As a person you don't forget.

   I realize 20 questions isn't adequate enough to really introduce myself but hopefully I piqued your interest.  Basically my intentions were to cover general areas to give you an overview of me.  I did my test, in a limited forum, to cover those areas that tells you who I am and not what I'm depicted to be.  From my heart to yours, thank you for taking your precious time to read this...... I look forward to establishing a dynasty.

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Terrance T. Winn # 296-659 is a 1 Year VFI + PLUS MEMBER

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