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Inmate# 32038-039
Female Straight Gay
My Information
Birth date: 08/28/1973
Gender: Male
Race: African American
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Weight: 300 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Are you on Death Row?  No
Expected Release
Month 03   Year 0000  

Current Residence

Fed Corr Inst Loretto
Po Box 1000
Loretto, PA 15940

Phone: (812) 244-4400
Fax: (812) 244-4789

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William Turner # 32038-039 is a 30 DAY  VFI + PLUS MEMBER  exp  11/05/08
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Message From inmate William Turner # 32038-039
A genuine big boy. Hello Ladies, I'm 35years old, Virgo, born on August 28, in Detroit Michigan. I'm a 300lb big boy, but very loveable; kind of like a teddy bear in dire need of a hug. I'm down to earth, genuinely outspoken, compassionate, open minded, optimistic and always open to try any new thing that may help me to grow to become a better person. Also, I have a very incredible sense of humor. However I'm a little lacking on that thing called "loyalty", only because I am into keeping it "real" from square one with a person and/or persons. I'm not judgmental for any reason, and never will I have time for mind games. I'm looking for a woman that is understanding and willing to share life's journey, with whatever may come our way, good or bad, because life may bring many types of situations. So I need special someone to be willing to take the sweets along with the bitters
In addition, I'm a very easy going mellow fellow who enjoys the simple things in life. I
admire a woman that has strong communication skills, one who can express her feelings.
I believe that communication is the "key" to some of the worlds best things, such as understanding, which can lead to an open, honest, and successful  friendship or even a monogamous relationship.
A woman's physical appearance is meaningless to me, because the outer appearance may never define a person, so all are welcome to come into my world. Large, small size sexy and all.
Ladies, thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to spend some time with me. But to make this moment even more lovely, how about spending a little more time with me.
Now, as always, put the Lord before and after all things.
With Love
Jay Dee

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William Turner # 32038-039 is a 30 DAY VFI + PLUS MEMBER  exp 11/05/08
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